28th Guards Red Banner Missile Division

28-я гвардейская ракетная Краснознаменная дивизия

Military Unit: 54055


Activated 6.60 in Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, as the 198th Guards Missile Brigade, from the 28th Guards Cannon Artillery Brigade.

In 1961 relocated to Kozelsk, Kaluga Oblast.

Initial organisation:

1.8.61 the 627th Missile Regiment was transferred to the Baikonur test centre.

30.5.61 renamed 28th Guards Missile Division.

In March 1964 all R-9A battalions were upgraded to regiments:

In 1965 two regiments (368th and 442nd) were transferred to the 38th Missile Division and the 13th Missile Division.

1966 began conversion to the UR-100 (SS-11) missile.

In 1969 two regiments (116th and 527th) arrived from Yurya, Kirov Oblast (8th Missiles Division), but the 116th Missile Regiment went on to Pervomaysk, Luhansk Oblast, amd came under the 46th Missile Division.

Organisation 1972 (110 UR-100 silos, 6 R-9A silos and 6 R-9A pads):

The R-16 missile was phased out in 1976.

Organisation 1984 (60 UR-100NU silos and 50 UR-100 silos):

Five regiments were disbanded between 1985 and 1987.

Organisation 1998:

Organisation 2008:


Support Units:

Kozelsk ICBM complex coordinates (for Type IIID silos, see individual regiments):