27th Guards Vitebskaya Red Banner Missile Army

27-я гвардейская ракетная Витебская Краснознаменная армия

Military Unit: 43176


Activated 8.6.70 in Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, from the 3rd Independent Guards Missile Corps.

Organisation 8.6.70:

30.6.90 the 7th Guards Missile Division (Vypolzovo, Tver Oblast) was added, when the 50th Missile Army was disbanded.

In March 1993 three divisions were added (32nd, 33rd Guards and 49th Guards) from the 43rd Missile Army, while the 14th Missile Division was transferred to the 31st Missile Army.

Organisation 1993:

The 33rd Guards Missile Division and the 49th Guards Missile Division were disbanded in 1997.

The 14th Missile Division returned in July 2002, while the 10th Guards Missile Division were disbanded in 2005.

Organisation 2006:

Support Units:


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