623rd Missile Regiment

623-й ракетный полк

Military Unit: 34060

Activated 6.60 in Kozelsk, Kaluga Oblast, under the 198th Missile Brigade, and from 5.61 the 28th Guards Missile Division.

1963 with 2 battalions at two sites:

In March 1964 all battalions were upgraded to regiments:

In 1969 the BSP-12 site was transferred to the 289th Missile Regiment.

The regiment went on alert duty 1971 with 10 UR-100 (SS-11) silos in area BRK-9.

Construction of a new LCF (Type IIIX silo) (Launch Control Facility OO) began 6.77 near silo 97O, but construction stopped 1.78, and the silo was backfilled, as the planned conversion to UR-100N (SS-19) was cancelled.

The regiment stood down and was disbanded 1987.

US designation 1960-1969: Kozelsk ICBM Complex (Launch Site A, later Launch Site 3). Type IIC pads.

Kozelsk Launch Site 3 (BSP-11) (53 54 24N, 35 45 02E):

US designation: 1971 - 1987 Kozelsk ICBM Complex - Launch Group O (Ten Type IIID silos):