5th Scientific Research Proving Ground

5-й Научно-исследовательский испытательный полигон

Military Unit: 11284


Activated 2.6.55 at Site 10 - Zarya (Leninsk), Kzyl-Orda Oblast, as the 5th NIIP (Baikonur Test Center) - US designation Tyuratam Missile Test Center.

Site 10 was the town of Zarya, 28.1.58 renamed Leninskiy, 21.6.66 Leninsk, and finally 20.12.95 Baikonur.

Organisation 1963:

Organisation 1970:

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1989:

1990 renamed 5th State Test Spaceport (5th GIK).

Organisation 2005:

Several sites did not belong to any of the above units - these are listed here.

US map of the Baikonur Test Center 1968 - here.

Soviet map of the Baikonur Test Center 1990 - here (pdf file).