43rd Red Banner Missile Army

43-я ракетная Краснознаменная армия

Military Unit: 35564


Activated 1.9.60 in Vinnitsa, Vinnitsa Oblast, from the 43rd Air Army DA.

Organisation 1961:

From 19.3.70 the 33rd Guards Missile Division was attached to the 43rd Missile Army.

Organisation 1975:

25.5.75 awarded the Red Banner.

12.12.81 the 35th Missile Division left the Army, and was transferred to Barnaul, Altaiskiy Kray.

The 44th Missile Division was disbanded 31.3.90.

In June 1990 the 50th Missile Army was disbanded, and two of its divisions became attached to the 43rd Missile Army.

Organisation 1990:

The 50th Missile Division was disbanded 30.4.91, followed by the 43rd Guards Missile Division 31.12.92 and the 37th Guards Missile Division 31.12.93.

In March 1993 three divisions (33rd Guards, 49th Guards and 32nd) were transferred to the 27th Guards Missile Army.

Organisation 1995:

Disbanded 8.5.96.

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