50th Red Banner Missile Division

50-я ракетная Краснознаменная дивизия

Military Unit: 52035


Activated 15.5.53 in Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Oblast, as the 80th Engineer Brigade RVGK, from parts of the 23rd Brigade for Special Use RVGK.

10.53 transferred to Belokorovichi, Zhitomir Oblast.

Organisation 1953:

1.10.55 renamed 80th Training Engineer Brigade RVGK, and 5.59 again renamed 80th Engineer Brigade RVGK.

Organisation 1959:

5.60 renamed 80th Missile Brigade.

30.5.61 renamed 50th Missile Division.

Organisation 1960:

The 431st Guards Missile Regiment was added to the division in 1961.

The 60th Missile Regiment was added to the division in 1984.

8.5.85 awarded the Red Banner.

Organisation 1985:

The division was disbanded 30.4.91.


Support Units:


Divisional coordinates: