35th Red Banner orders of Kutuzov and Aleksandr Nevskiy Missile Division

35-я ракетная Краснознаменная орденов Кутузова и Александра Невского дивизия

Military Unit: 34196; from 12.81: 52929


Activated 5.60 in Prokhladnyy, Kabardino-Balkarskaya ASSR, as the 46th Missile Brigade, from the 65th Mortar Brigade.

In 4.61 HQ moved to Ordzhonikidze, Severo-Osetinskaya ASSR.

30.5.61 renamed 35th Missile Division.

Initial organisation 1961:

In 1967 the HQ moved to Oktyabrskoye, Severo-Osetinskaya ASSR.

The 178th Guards Missile Regiment was disbanded in 1980.

Divisional HQ moved to Barnaul, Altaiskiy Kray 12.12.81, together with the remaining regiments.

Organisation 1985:

A fifth mobile base (US designation: Barnaul IRBM Mobile Base 4) began construction in late 1983, but was never completed (53 04 03N, 83 18 31E).

Organisation 2006:


Support Units:


Divisional coordinates (Ordzhonikidze):

Divisional coordinates (Barnaul):