35th Red Banner orders of Kutuzov and Aleksandr Nevskiy Missile Division

35-я ракетная Краснознаменная орденов Кутузова и Александра Невского дивизия

Military Unit: 34196; from 12.81: 52929


Activated 5.60 in Ordzhonikidze, Severo-Osetinskaya ASSR, as the 46th Missile Brigade, from the 65th Mortar Brigade.

Initially attached to the 43rd Missile Army, and from 12.81 the 33rd Guards Missile Army.

30.5.61 renamed 35th Missile Division.

Initial organisation 1961:

The 178th Guards Missile Regiment was disbanded in 1980.

Divisional HQ moved to Barnaul, Altaiskiy Kray 12.12.81, together with the remaining regiments.

Organisation 1985:

Organisation 2006:

Support Units:

Headquarters, Administration & Support area: