49th Guards Stalingradsko-Budapestskaya Red Banner Missile Division

49-я гвардейская ракетная Станиславско-Будапештская Краснознаменная дивизия

Military Unit: 34154


Activated 11.6.60 in Omsk, Omsk Oblast, as the 213th Missile Brigade, from the 34th Mortar Brigade - formation was complete in November 1960, and was attached to the 7th independent Guards Missile Corps.

Honours and awards from the 18th Guards Army Corps and the 34th Mortar Brigade.

Initial organisation:

30.5.61 renamed 49th Guards Missile Division.

It is obvious that the original plans for the Omsk ICBM complex called for deployment of more than one launch site. In addition to a second launch site which was started and then abandoned, there was also a survey and some construction on the complex main road that indicated an intention to expand to the north-northeast and to the east. There was apparently severe problems of silo construction due to poor drainage and a high water table.

In the end only one site was completed (290th Missile Regiment - and this was delayed to 1965), and the division and the three other regiments would all leave Omsk during 1962.

5.9.62 the 353rd Missile Regiment was transferred to Plunge, Lithuanian SSR - attached to the 29th Guards Missile Division.

On 5.10.62 the divisional HQ moved to Lida, Grodno Oblast, now attached to the 50th Missile Army.

Organisation 10.62:

In 1980 the 306th Missile Regiment was transferred to the 33rd Guards Missile Division, while the 638th Guards Missile Regiment was attached to the division from April 1980.

In 1981 the 142nd Guards Missile Regiment was transferred to the 42nd Missile Division.

Organisation 1981:

Two regiments was added to the division in 1985 (403rd Guards and 56th Guards).

The 638th Guards Missile Regiment was disbanded in 1990.

From 6.90 attached to the 43rd Missile Army, and from 3.93 the 27th Guards Missile Army.

Organisation 1991:

Division was disbanded 1997.

Support Units:

Headquarters, Administration & Support area: