4th Harbinskaya Missile Division

4-я ракетная Харбинская дивизия

Military Unit: 44039


Activated 5.60 in Nerchinsk, Chita Oblast as the 119th Missile Brigade, from the 116th Artillery Brigade.

Initially under the 57th Artilley Range Administration, and from 3.61 the 8th independent Missile Corps.

30.5.61 renamed the 4th Missile Division.

Named Harbinskaya 10.61, from the disbanded 46th Tank Division.

Organisation 1962:

1964 divisional HQ transferred to Dolino, Chita Oblast and 1965 to Gorny (Drovyanaya), Chita Oblast.

In 3.64 all battalions were upgraded to regiments.

Organisation 1965:

In 1966 the first UR-100 silos were constructed.

In 1968 the 399th Missile Regiment converted to the Temp-S (SS-12) missile, but was transferred to the Soviet Army shortly after.

Organisation 1970:

From 6.70 under the 53rd Missile Army.

The R-16 missile was withdrawn in 1976, and the division received it's first RSD-10 Pioner missiles.

Organisation 1981:

The RSD-10 Pioner-K missiles were withdrawn during 1988, except one regiment which retained their missiles to 1989.

Organisation 1990:

Organisation 1995:

Disbanded October 2002.

Support units:

Divisional coordinates:

For launch silos, see individual regiments.