796th Missile Regiment

796-й ракетный полк

Military Unit: 68531

Activated 3.64 in Drovyanaya, Chitinskaya Oblast, under the 4th Missile Division.

The regiment controlled site BSP-13 with 2 R-16 (SS-7) pads.

1.12.66 the BSP-13 site was transferred to the 775th Missile Regiment.

1.3.67 the regiment was transferred to Zhangiz-Tobe, Semipalatinsk Oblast, under the 57th Missile Division.

The regiment went on alert duty in 1969 with 6 R-36 (8K67) (SS-9) missiles in area BRK-8.

The regiment stood down in 1980, and converted to the R-36MUTTKh (15A18) - alert duty from 12.79.

Disbanded 1993.

US designation 1964-1968: Drovyanaya ICBM complex (Launch site D, later launch site 4). Type IID pads.

BSP-31 (51 20 24N, 113 01 10E):

US designation: 1969 - 1979 Zhangiz-Tobe ICBM Complex - Launch Group F (Six Type IIIC silos):
US designation: 1979 - 1993 Zhangiz-Tobe ICBM Complex - Launch Group F (Six Type IIIF and one Type IIIX silos):