5th independent Missile Corps

5-й отдельный ракетный корпус

Military Unit: 00000


Activated 10.57 in Kirov, Kirov Oblast, as Object Volga - 1.59 renamed the 24th Artilley Range Administration (24th UAP).

Organisation 1959:

10.3.61 renamed 5th independent Missile Corps.

Initial organisation (1961):

The 18th Guards Missile Division was disbanded 10.62, with the 703rd Missile Regiment becoming independent. In November 1964 the regiment was expanded to the 17th Missile Brigade. The 14th Missile Division (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El Republic) was attached to the corps in June 1963.

Organisation 1963:

The 60th Missile Division (Tatischevo, Saratov Oblast) was attached to the corps in 1964, followed by the 13th Missile Division, and the 59th Missile Division in February-April 1965.

Organisation 1965:

Three divisions (13th, 59th and 60th) were transferred to the new 18th independent Missile Corps on 1.6.65.

Organisation 1969:

Disbanded 8.6.70.