107th Svirsko-Pechenskiy Red Banner orders of Suvorov and Aleksandr Nevskiy Missile Regiment

107-й ракетный Свирско-Печенгский Краснознаменный орденов Суворова и Александра Невского полк

Military Unit: 14089

Activated 11.58 in Slobodskoy, Kirov Oblast, as the 21st Combat Launch Station (21st BSS), under Object Volga.

1.9.59 renamed 107th Engineer Regiment, now at Yurya, Kirov Oblast, attached to the 24th Artilley Range Administration.

1.7.60 renamed 107th Missile Regiment, now under the 25th Missile Brigade, from 5.61 the 8th Missile Division. Honours and awards from the 104th Artillery Regiment.

1963 with 2 battalions at two sites:

In March 1964 all battalions were upgraded to regiments:

In 1969 the regiment took over site BSP-41 from the 299th Missile Regiment:

The regiment stood down in 1977, and would convert to the RSD-10 Pioner (SS-20) missile.

The regiment went on alert duty 25.12.78 with 9 RSD-10 Pioner-K (15P645K) missiles.

The regiment stood down August 1984, and began conversion to the RT-2PM (SS-25) missile - went on alert duty 29.10.85 with 9 missiles.

Disbanded 2004.

US designation 1960-1977: Yurya ICBM complex (Launch site G, later Launch Site 6). Type IIIA silos.

Yurya Launch Site 6 (BSP-16) (59 04 35N, 49 51 27E):

Yurya Mobile IRBM/ICBM Base 1 (15P645K missiles 1978-1984, and 15P158 missiles 1985-2004) (59 06 15N, 49 45 21E):

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