431st Guards Kievsko-Rovenskiy order of Lenin Red Banner orders of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Missile Regiment

431-й гвардейский ракетный Киевско-Ровенский ордена Ленина Краснознаменный орденав Суворова, Кутузова и Богдано Хмельницкого полк

Military Unit: 44023

Activated 7.60 in Berdichev, Zhitomir Oblast, under the 19th Missile Division, from the 59th Guards Howitzer Artillery Brigade.

From 1961 attached to the 50th Missile Division.


The regimental HQ moved to Vysokaya Rech, Zhitomir Oblast in 1965.

The three battalions stood down in 1984.

The regiment went on alert duty 1985 with 9 RSD-10 Pioner-K (15P645K) (SS-20) missiles (missiles from Yurya or Nizhniy Tagil).

The regiment stood down in 1990, and was disbanded 30.3.91.

US designation 1960-1984: Zhitomir MRBM complex (Zhitomir 1 & 2, and Berdichev launch sites). Type II (pad) sites.

Zhitomir launch site 1 with 4 R-12 pads (50 04 45N, 28 15 55E):

Zhitomir launch site 2 with 4 R-12 pads (50 10 02N, 28 16 21E):

Berdichev launch site with 4 R-12 pads (50 05 42N, 28 22 05E):

One alternative fixed field site for the pad launchers, were set up at Berdichev (49 51 37N, 28 25 25E), but appeared to be inactive 1967.

Zhitomir Mobile IRBM Base 1 (1985-1991 RSD-10 missiles) (50 10 02N, 28 16 21E):