41st Guards Lvovsko-Berlinskaya orders of  Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Missile Division

41-я гвардейская ракетная Львовско-Берлинская ордена Кутузова и Богдана Хмельницкого дивизия

Military Unit: 34159


Activated 11.6.60 in Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, as the 216th Missile Brigade, from the 138th Guards Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade.

Initially under the 24th Artilley Range Administration, and from 10.3.61 the 7th independent Guards Missile Corps.

30.5.61 renamed 41st Guards Missile Division. Honours and Awards from 21.12.61.

Initial organisation:

* if it existed, the regiment is numbered within the sequence of 383rd to 427th Missile Regiment - activated 1960 & disbanded 1964.

15.8.64 divisional HQ was transferred to Aleysk, Altai Kray, where construction of new silos for the R-36 (SS-9) missile would begin in 1965 - still attached to the 7th independent Guards Missile Corps, and from 1.6.65 the 24th independent Missile Corps.

Organisation 1970:

Only 30 silos constructed due to difficult terrain.

From 8.6.70 attached to the 33rd Guards Missile Army.

1976 began conversion to the R-36M (SS-18) missile.

Organisation 1983:

In January 2000 the first 12 missiles were removed from service, followed by the disbandment of the first regiment 4.5.01.

The final regiment went off duty 31.8.01, and the division was disbanded 1.12.01.

Support Units:

Divisional coordinates:

For launch silos, see individual regiments.