24th Guards Gomelskaya order of Lenin Red Banner orders of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Missile Division

24-я гвардейская ракетная Гомельская ордена Ленина, Краснознаменная орденов Суворова, Кутузова и Богдана Хмельницкого дивизия

Military Unit: 14237


Activated 6.46 in Bad Berka, East Germany, as the 22nd Brigade for Special Use RVGK, from the 92nd Guards Mortar Regiment - formation complete 8.46.

Organisation 1946:

8.47 transferred to Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Oblast, to test various German V-2 missiles.

2.50 renamed 22nd Special Purpose Brigade RVGK.

10.52 transferred to Medved, Novgorod Oblast, and 3.53 renamed 72nd Engineer Brigade RVGK.

Organisation 1953:

12.58 transferred to Fürstenberg, East Germany.

8.59 transferred to Znamensk, Kaliningrad Oblast - later Gvardeisk, Kaliningrad Oblast.

Organisation 1959:

1.7.60 renamed the 24th Guards Missile Division, attached to the 50th Missile Army.

Initial organisation:

Organisation 1985:

The division was disbanded 12.90.

Support Units:

Headquarters, Administration & Support area: