97th Missile Regiment im. 60th Anniversary VLKSM

97-й ракетный полк им. 60-летия ВЛКСМ

Military Unit: 41203

Activated 8.46 in Bad Berka, East Germany, as the 2nd Launch Battalion of the 22nd Brigade for Special Use RVGK.

8.47 transferred to Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Oblast.

10.52 transferred to Medved, Novgorod Oblast.

3.53 renamed 638th independent Engineer Battalion RVGK, now under the 72nd Engineer Brigade RVGK.

4.59 renamed 97th Engineer Regiment RVGK, and 7.58 transferred to Gvardeisk, Kaliningrad Oblast, attached to the ShRCh (Staff of Reactive Parts), from 8.59 again attached to the 72nd Engineer Brigade RVGK.

1.7.60 renamed 97th Missile Regiment, and came under the 24th Guards Missile Division.


The battalions stood down 5.11.66, and the regiment was relocated to Khmelnitskiy, Khmelnitskiy Oblast, in 8.68 - attached to the 19th Missile Division.

The regiment began conversion to the UR-100 (SS-11) missile in 1969, and went on alert duty 4.70 in area BRK-5, with 10 UR-100 (8K84) silos.

Converted to the UR-100U (15A20U) between 5.73 and 12.73, and went on alert duty 10.74.

Converted to the UR-100NU (15A35) between 1.80 and 6.80, and went on alert duty 10.80.

The missiles were removed between October and November 1996, and the regiment officially stood down in 11.96.

Disbanded 1.7.98.

US designation 1958 - 1966: Gvardeysk MRBM complex (Gvardeysk launch site 1 and 2). Type I (pad) sites.

Gvardeysk launch site 1 with 4 R-5M pads (54 40 40N, 21 07 25E):

Gvardeysk launch site 2 with 4 R-5M pads (54 45 19N, 21 09 19E):

Two alternative fixed field sites for the pad launchers, were set up at Geroyskoye (54 45 57N, 21 24 56E) and Vysokoye (54 44 33N, 21 34 10E), but Geroyskoye had become inactive by 1967.

US designation: 1970 - 1974 Derazhnya ICBM Complex - Launch Group A (Ten Type IIID silos):
US designation: 1974 - 1996 Derazhnya ICBM Complex - Launch Group A (Ten Type IIIG and one Type IIIX silos):