25th Missile Regiment

25-й ракетный полк

Military Unit: 86187; from 1958: 43190

Activated 8.46 in Bad Berka, East Germany, as the 1st Launch Battalion of the 22nd Brigade for Special Use RVGK.

8.47 transferred to Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Oblast.

10.52 transferred to Medved, Novgorod Oblast.

3.53 renamed 635th independent Engineer Battalion RVGK, now under the 72nd Engineer Brigade RVGK.

12.58 transferred to Lychen, East Germany, attached to the 72nd Engineer Brigade RVGK.

The battalion went on alert duty 1.5.59 with four R-5M (SS-3) pads.

The battalion stood down 8.59, and was transferred to Sovetsk, Kalinigrad Oblast.

9.59 renamed 25th Engineer Regiment RVGK, attached to the 85th Engineer Brigade RVGK.


1.7.60 renamed 25th Missile Regiment, attached to the 24th Guards Missile Division.

The battalions stood down in 1990, and the regiment was disbanded.

US designation: Sovetsk MRBM complex (Slavsk launch sites 1 and 2). Type II (pad) sites.

Slavsk launch site 1 with 4 R-12 pads (54 59 10N, 21 36 34E):

Slavsk launch site 2 with 4 R-12 pads (54 59 56N, 21 28 22E):

Lychen launch site 2 with 4 R-5M pads (1959) (53 03 08N, 13 23 20E):

No drawing.