16th Red Banner Air Army

16-я Воздушная Краснознамённая Армия

Military Unit: 23255, from 1.49: 13665


Activated 8.8.42 in Stalingrad, Stalingrad Oblast.

Organisation 5.45:

29.5.45 STAVKA directive No. 11095 was issued (effective from 10.6.45), renaming the 1st Belorussian Front to Group of Soviet Occupation Forces in Germany. The order also stated the new organisation of the 16th Air Army:

In June 1945 the 6th Bomber Aviation Corps and it's three divisions left for the Far East, and the war againt Japan.

Re-organised in late 1945/early 1946, when several divisions and regiments were either disbanded or transferred out of Germany.

Organisation 1946:

In 9.48 the 3rd Guards Fighter Aviation Division was transferred to Orel, Orel Oblast.

10.1.49 renamed 24th Air Army (effective from 2.49).

Organisation 1949:

In October 1949 the 131st Fighter Aviation Division arrived in Grossenhain, and came under the 61st Guards Fighter Aviation Corps.

In October 1951 three fighter aviation divisions (119th, 131st and 175th) left Germany, and was replaced by another three fighter divisions (6th Guards, 105th and 125th).

Organisation 1951:

In 10.52 the 145th Fighter Aviation Division left Germany, and was replaced by the 123rd Fighter Aviation Division.

In 7.53 the 140th and 268th Bomber Aviation Divisions and the 886th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment left Germany, while the 80th Bomber Aviation Corps was disbanded.

In 10.53 the 170th Guards and 263rd Fighter Aviation Divisions left Germany, and was replaced by the 16th Guards and 126th Fighter Aviation Divisions.

In 5.54 the 132nd Bomber Aviation Division and the 11th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment arrived in Germany, followed by the 63rd Bomber Aviation Division two months later.

Organisation 1954:

In 4.55 the 166th and 221st Bomber Aviation Divisions arrived in Germany, while the 63rd and 166th Bomber Aviation Divisions left in September 1955.

Realizing that the Il-10 assault aircraft had become obsolete, the entire Assault Aviation arm of the VVS (Air Force) was abolished by a directive dated 20.4.56 - both the 114th Guards and 200th Guards Assault Aviation Divisions left Germany, and the 75th Assault Aviation Corps was disbanded.

In 8.56 the 221st Bomber Aviation Division left Germany, followed by the 123rd Fighter Aviation Division in October 1956.

In 3.60 the 105th and 125th Fighter Aviation Divisions became Fighter-Bomber Aviation Divisions.

Organisation 1960:

22.2.68 awarded the Red Banner.

4.4.68 renamed 16th Air Army.

In 7.68 the 132nd Bomber Aviation Division left Germany.

Organisation 1970:

In 1977 the independent Communication Aviation Squadrons became independent Helicopter Squadrons.

5.80 renamed VVS Group of Forces Germany, and the 61st Guards Fighter Aviation Corps was redesignated 669th Front Aviation Corps (mobilization) - at the same time most helicopter units were transferred to the Army Aviation.

Organisation 1980:

4.88 renamed 16th Air Army.

In 1988 the 71st Fighter Aviation Corps was disbanded.

Organisation 1990:

25.11.98 renamed 16th Mixed Aviation Corps.

Organisation 2000:

1.2.2002 renamed 16th Air Army.

2009 renamed 16th Air Defence Army.