886th independent Stalingradskiy Red Banner Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment

886-й отдельный разведывательный Сталинградский Краснознаменный авиационный полк

Military Unit: 55631

Activated 12.42 as the 16th independent long-range Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment, from the 325th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron.

10.1.49 renamed 886th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment.

1960 reduced and renamed 214th independent Tactical Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron.

1970 again renamed 886th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment, with two squadrons:

One squadron (Su-17M4R) operated in Afghanistan (Bagram Air Base - 34 56 45N, 69 15 44E) from September 1988 to January 1989. Several reconnaissance units would take turns operating in Afghanistan, and would be known as the 229th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron while being based there.

Disbanded 1993.