132nd Sevastopolskaya Bomber Aviation Division

132-я бомбардировочная Севастопольская авиационная дивизия

Military Unit: 45141

Activated 8.41.

Organisation 5.45:

The 38th Bomber Aviation Regiment (from the disbanded 219th Bomber Aviation Division) was attached to the division in 12.45, while the 244th Bomber Aviation Regiment was detached to the 56th Aviation Division of Long-Range Fighters.

The 38th Bomber Aviation Regiment (Shypyntsi, Chernovtsy Oblast - 48 23 09N, 25 45 43E) was disbanded 20.3.47.

Organisation 1951:

Organisation 1960:

Organisation 1980:

10.12.89 transferred to the Baltic Fleet, and renamed 132nd Maritime Assault Aviation Division.

Organisation 1990:

Disbanded 1994.