131st Novgorodskaya Red Banner Mixed Aviation Division

131-я смешанная Новгородская Краснознаменная авиационная дивизия

Military Unit: 55022, from 8.68: 10300

Activated 6.42 as the 269th Fighter Aviation Division.

Organisation 5.45 (Wittstock, Germany):

In 12.45 the 168th Fighter Aviation Regiment joined the division as the 4th regiment.

In 4.47 the 287th Fighter Aviation Regiment was disbanded.

20.2.49 (directive 10.1.49) renamed 131st Fighter Aviation Division.

In 7.49 the 42nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment was replaced by the 916th Fighter Aviation Regiment.

Organisation 1950:

The 845th and 916th Fighter Aviation Regiment were both disbanded in 1960.

Organisation 1961:

8.68 renamed 131st Mixed Aviation Division.

Organisation 1970:

390th independent Mixed Aviation Regiment was disbanded 6.74.

Organisation 1980:

8.84 the 236th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment replaced the 192nd Fighter Aviation Regiment.

From 1985 only controlled the two regiments - the remainder units came under the new VVS Central Group of Forces.

Organisation 1989:

Disbanded 1991.