Generalkommando I. Flakkorps

Kommandierender General:

Chef des Stabes:

Formed 3.10.39 in Berlin from parts of Stab/Luftgau-Kommando III. Soon transferred to Neuwied, where it took control of Flak-Regiments 101, 102 and 104, and was subordinated to Luftflotte 3. Was to support the panzer units under Heeresgruppe A, for the attack on France.

On 16.4.40 controlled the following units:

Stab/Flak-Regiment 104 also controlled I./Flak-Regiment 8 (from 10.5 to 18.5.40).

On 1.6.40 the corps was reorganised:

Stab/Flak-Regiment 103 left for II. Flakkorps on 14.6.40. During June 1940 the following units were briefly attached to I. Flakkorps: I./36, II./Flak-Lehr-Regiment, le.71, le.83 and le.92.

On 12.7.40 was stationed at Paris with:

Moved to Berlin in September 1940, and took control of the air defence of the capital, now subordinated to Luftgau III. On 23.3.41 redesignated Stab/Luftwaffenbefehlshaber Mitte.

Reformed 1.4.41 in Berlin from Stab/Flak-Brigade I. On 6.6.41 stationed in Warszaw. Began attack on Russia 22.6.41 (HQ Bohukaly, near Brest-Litovsk) in support of Panzergruppe 2, subordinated to Luftflotte 2, with the following units:

15.1.42 based at Orel. In May 1942 transferred to South Russia, HQ Poltava, and took control of all flak-units under Luftflotte 4:

I. Flakkorps was known as Luftwaffenkommando Kaukasus (HQ Pjatigorsk), from 25.11.42 to 6.2.43 for operations in the Caucasus. The 10. Flak-Division left the korps 8.8.42, and became subordinated to Luftwaffenkommando Don, but rejoined the korps in 2.43. The 9. Flak-Division was destroyed in Stalingrad 1.43, but was reformed 7.2.43.

In July 1943 controlled the following divisions:

In March 1944 with:

The 9. Flak-Division was destroyed in 5.44 on Crimea, and never rejoined the korps.

10. Flak-Division (mot.) and 17. Flak-Division (mot.) left for the II. Flakkorps in 6.44. The 5. Flak-Division joined the corps in 7.44.

In 8.44 I. Flakkorps became subordinated to Luftflotte 6, now with (1.9.44):

10.44 at Krakau. The 23. Flak-Division joined the corps in 11.44.

4.3.45 at Smirschitz with:

4.45 at Schweidnitz with:

5.45 HQ at Königgrätz.

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