Generalkommando II. Flakkorps

Kommandierender General:

Chef des Stabes:

Formed 3.10.39 at Frankfurt-Main, from Stab/6. Flieger-Division. Soon transferred to Mönchen-Gladbach, where it took control of Flak-Regimenter 103, 201 and 202, and was subordinated to Luftflotte 2. Was to support the panzer units under Heeresgruppe B, for the attack on France.

On 10.5.40 controlled the following units:

On 12.5.40 took control of Stab/Flak-Regiment 6 with I./141, II./441, le.741 and le.841, but on 18.5.40 Flak-Regiment 6 left again. On 31.5.40 Stab/Flak-Regiment 103 left for I. Flakkorps, but returned again on 15.6.40. I./Flak-Regiment 8 served under Flak-Regiment 202 between 19.5.40 and 31.5.40. Flak-Brigade III and Flak-Brigade IV was formed 1.6.40 at Cambrai, for the II. Flakkorps.

On 1.8.40 the corps had taken up station at the channel-coast, in preparation for Operation Seelöwe:

Flak-Brigade V was formed 8.40 at Rennes for the corps, and Flak-Regiment 136 left in October 1940. On 16.12.40 moved to Tours, to cover the Atlantic-coast, and took control of:

On 3.3.41 moved to Grünau, near Berlin, in preparation for Operation Barbarossa. Began attack on Russia 22.6.41 in support of Panzergruppe 1, subordinated to Luftflotte 4, with the following units:

In September 1941 transferred to Central Russia, and became subordinated to Luftflotte 2. On 10.4.42 redesignated Stab/18. Flak-Division.

Reformed 1.11.43 from III. Luftwaffen-Feldkorps, with HQ at Bobruisk (later Minsk). Subordinated to Luftflotte 6.

Organisation 3.11.43:

23. Flak-Division joined the corps in 12.43.

In March 1944 with:

Reorganised in 6.44, now with (1.7.44):

10. Flak-Division (mot.) and 17. Flak-Division (mot.) went back to I. Flakkorps in 7.44, while the new 11. Flak-Brigade (o) joined II. Flakkorps.

Organisation 1.9.44:

Stab/10. Flak-Brigade (mot.) was disbanded 9.44, and Stab/11. Flak-Brigade (o) became Stab/27. Flak-Division (o).

Organisation 1.11.44:

23. Flak-Division (mot.) left for I. Flakkorps in 11.44.

In January 1945 became subordinated to Heeresgruppe Weichsel, now with:

On 21.1.45 18. Flak-Division was transferred to Luftwaffenkommando Ostpreussen and in March 1945 6. Flak-Brigade joined the korps at Stettin, while 1. Flak-Division joined in April 1945. On 10.4.45 12. Flak-Division left the korps. 1.3.45 at Boitzenburg with:

On 27.4.45 at the Oder river with:

Possibly also controlled 14. Flak-Division and 16. Flak-Brigade at Prignitz, supporting 12th Army.

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