11. Flak-Division



Formed 1.9.41 in Bordeaux(?) from Luftverteidigungskommando 11, and covered the area from Brittany to the French/Spanish border. In 1.43 moved to Nimes, now with:

Organisation 1.11.43:

Stab/18. Flak-Brigade (mot.) left the division in 12.43.

In 2.44 redesignated Stab/III. Flakkorps.

Reformed 8.44 in Heydebreck/Oberschlesien from Stab/15. Flak-Brigade with:

1.3.45 at Friedberg under I. Flakkorps.

Subordinated to Luftgau-Kommando Westfrankreich, from 9.44 Luftgau-Kommando VIII and from 4.45 I. Flakkorps.

* possibly known as Flakgruppe Krakau.

1997-2003 Michael Holm