5. Flak-Division



* became POW 31.8.44.

Formed 1.9.41 in Darmstadt from Luftverteidigungskommando 5 with:

Stab/Flakscheinwerfer-Regiment 139 (Flakscheinwerfergruppe Darmstadt) joined the division in 4.42.

Moved to Romania in 12.42 to protect the oilfields, now with:

The Stab moved to Upper Italy (HQ Milano) in 9.43 to control all Flak units there, but returned to Ploesti in 11.43.

Organisation 1.11.43:

Organisation 1.8.44 (HQ Bucharest?):

The division was destroyed on 31.8.44, and all remnants were absorbed by the 15. Flak-Division. The Stab were withdrawn to Germany, and was disbanded.

Strength 1.44 - 8.44:

Reformed 12.44 in the Hamburg-Bad Segeberg area as 5. Flak-Division (W), to control all V1 and V2 units. Controlled the following units:

Surrendered 5.45 in the Hamburg area.

Subordinated to Luftgau-Kommando XII, from 1.1.43 Luftwaffen-Kommando Südost, from 4.44 Luftflotte 4, from 1.11.44 LXV. Armee-Korps and from 4.45 Flakkorps z.b.V.

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