57th Missile Division

57-я ракетная дивизия


Activated 5.64 in Zhangiz-Tobe, Semipalatinsk Oblast, as Operation Group Zhangiz-Tobe - 4.65 renamed 57th Missile Division.

Initially under the 7th independent Guards Missile Corps, and from 1.6.65 the 24th independent Missile Corps.

From 8.6.70 attached to the 33rd Guards Missile Army.

Organisation 1972:

The first regiment was increased to 10 silos in 1975, with the introduction of the R-36M missile.

Organisation 1985:

In 1992 the first missiles were removed from duty, and the division was disbanded 22.12.95.

Support Units:

Divisional coordinates:

For launch silos, see individual regiments.