39th Guards Glukhovskaya order of Lenin Red Banner orders of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Missile Division

39-я гвардейская ракетная Глуховская ордена Ленина, Краснознамённая, орденов Суворова, Кутузова и Богдана Хмельницкого дивизия

Military Unit: 34148


Activated 18.7.60 in Pashino (Gvardeyskiy), Novosibirsk Oblast, as the 212th Guards Svirskiy orders of Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Missile Brigade, from the 21st Heavy Howitzer Artillery Brigade. Awards and honours changed 17.10.61, now from the 1st Guards Breakthrough Artillery Division RVGK.

Initial organisation:

30.5.61 renamed 39th Guards Missile Division.

From 6.61 to 11.64 also controlled the 739th Missile Regiment in Itatka, Tomsk Oblast.

In March 1964 all R-16 battalions were upgraded to regiments:

The 367th Missile Regiment was transferred to Aleysk, Altai Kray, in 1964.

From 1977 began conversion to the RSD-10 Pioner (SS-20) missile.

In 11.81 the 434th Missile Regiment arrived from Olovyannaya, but would move on to Kansk, Krasnoyarsk Kray in 1985.

Organisation 1985 (45 RSD-10 Pioner missiles) :

A sixth mobile base (US designation: Novosibirsk Mobile IRBM Base 6) began construction in late 1981 (55 15 29N, 83 04 28E), but was never completed.

The 685th Missile Regiment was disbanded in 3.89, and was replaced in 8.92 by the 428th Guards Missile Regiment from Smorgon, Grodno Oblast.

From 1989 began conversion to the RT-2PM Topol (SS-25) missile.

Organisation 1995 (45 RT-2PM Topol missiles) :

826th Guards Missile Regiment was disbanded 1.12.2008.

In 2009 the 773rd Guards Missile Regiment was transferred to Teykovo, Ivanovo Oblast.


Support Units:

Novosibirsk ICBM complex coordinates: