428th Guards Zvenigorodskiy Red Banner Missile Regiment

428 гвардейский ракетный Звенигородский Краснознаменный полк

Military Unit: 44197; from 1992: 73727

Activated 1.7.60 at Smorgon, Grodno Oblast, under the 32nd Missile Division, from the 1873rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment and the 119th Independent Tank Training Regiment.


The first battalion stood down again 30.9.62 in preparation for transfer to Cuba (Operation Anadyr). The battalion sailed for Cuba in 10.62, but returned to port in late 10.62, due to the American blockade. The battalion returned on alert duty at Smorgon from 1.12.62.

The first and second battalions stood down 1.6.77 (eight R-14 pads), followed by the third battalion 15.3.78 (three R-14 silos).

The regiment went on alert duty 27.10.78 with 9 RSD-10 Pioner-K (15P645K) (SS-20) missiles.

On 5.2.80 the 2nd Battalion was used to activate the 835th Missile Regiment at Smorgon.

The regiment stood down 1981, and began conversion to the RSD-10 Pioneer-UTTKh (15P653) (SS-20) missile - alert duty from 26.10.81 with 9 missiles.

The regiment stood down 1989, and was transferred to Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast 14.6.92, now attached to the 39th Guards Missile Division.

The regiment went on alert duty 21.12.93 with 9 RT-2PM (15P158) (SS-25) missiles.

12.3.2012 began coversion to the 9P155M (RS-24 Yars) (SS-29) missile - six operational before the end of 2012, and 9 missiles by 12.2013.

US designation 1960-1978: Smorgon IRBM complex (Smorgon launch sites 1 - 3). Type III (pad) and IV (silo) sites.

Regimental coordinates:

Smorgon launch site 1 with 4 R-14 pads (54 31 52N, 26 17 26E):

Smorgon launch site 3 with 4 R-14 pads (54 36 18N, 26 22 46E):

Smorgon launch site 2 with 3 R-14U silos (54 26 02N, 26 18 21E):

One alternative fixed field site for the pad launchers, were set up at Smorgon (54 34 32N, 26 21 51E), but appeared to be inactive by 1967.

Smorgon alternative site (54 34 32N, 26 21 51E):

Smorgon Mobile IRBM Base 1 (1978-1990 RSD-10 missiles) (54 31 52N, 26 17 26E):

Novosibirsk launch site BSP-13 (RT-2PM missiles 1992-today) (55 18 49N, 83 01 44E):

No drawing.