5th Red Banner Air Army

5-я Воздушная Краснознамённая Армия

Military Unit: 13700


Activated 6.42.

Organisation 5.45:

10.1.49 renamed 48th Air Army.

During 1947 to 1958 also controlled the few Soviet aviation units remaining in Romania.

Organisation 1962:

4.4.68 renamed 5th Air Army.

Organisation 1970:

4.80 renamed VVS Odessa Military District.

The 511th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment left the army in 1980 for the 24th Air Army VGK.

Organisation 1980:

The 90th independent Assault Aviation Regiment joined the army in 1983, but was disbanded 1989.

The 153rd independent Mixed Aviation Squadron was activated in 1984.

5.88 renamed 5th Air Army.

In 12.89 the 119th Fighter Aviation Division was transferred to the Black Sea Fleet.

Organisation 1990:

The 294th independent Helicopter Squadron for Electronic Warfare joined the army in 5.90 from Hungary.

The 29th Instructor Bomber Aviation Regiment left the army in 9.90.

1.92 taken over by Ukraine.