511th independent Yasskiy Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment

511-й отдельный разведывательный Ясский авиационный полк

Military Unit: 45155

Activated 1941 as the 511th Bomber Aviation Regiment.

3.43 renamed 511th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment.

25.10.83 reduced to two squadrons - the 3rd AE (Yak-28PP) was used to activate the 118th Aviation Regiment for Electronic Warfare.

1.12.86 transferred all its Su-24MR to the 47th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment, and received MiG-25RB for it's 2nd AE from the same unit.

5.12.88 received about 25 Su-24MR from the 47th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment.

1.1.92 taken over by Ukraine - disbanded 2003.