Lehrgeschwader 1




Formed 1.11.38 in Greifswald from Stab/Lehrgeschwader Greifswald. A Stabsstaffel existed 11.38 - 10.44.

Known as Gefechtsverband Helbig, 8.43 - 9.43, controlling parts of LG1 and KG76.

Known as Gefechtsverband Helbig, 7.9.44 - 18.9.44, controlling III./KG51, NSGr.2, parts of I./KG51 and Einsatzgruppe/KG101.

Known as Gefechtsverband Helbig, 5.3.45 - 5.45, controlling II./LG1, III./KG53, II./KG200 and Versuchsverband/KG200.



I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.11.38 in Barth from II./LG Greifswald with:

Stab I./LG1 from Stab II./LG
1./LG1 from 4./LG
2./LG1 from 5./LG
3./LG1 from 6./LG

as I.(schwere Jagd)/LG1. On 8.10.39 redesignated V.(Z)/LG1:

Stab I./LG1 became Stab V./LG1
1./LG1 became 13./LG1
2./LG1 became 14./LG1
3./LG1 became 15./LG1

Reformed 1.11.39 in Jesau with He 111 bombers:

Stab I./LG1 new
1./LG1 new
2./LG1 new
3./LG1 new

Disbanded 4.45.


* was based at Catania for a few days, several times during this period (22.2 - 24.2.42; 8.3 - 11.3.42; 17.3. - 19.3.42; 8.11.42 - 13.11.42; 26.11.42 - 29.11.42)

** at Grottaglie (29.3.43 - 2.4.43) and Gerbini (30.4.43 - 2.5.43)

II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.11.38 in Schwerin from III./KG152 with:

Stab II./LG1 from Stab III./KG152
4./LG1 from 7./KG152
5./LG1 from 8./KG152
6./LG1 from 9./KG152


* in Benina, 21.11.41 - 26.11.41

III. Gruppe:


Formed 1.11.38 in Greifswald from III./LG Greifswald with:

Stab III./LG1 from Stab III./LG
7./LG1 from 7./LG
8./LG1 from 8./LG
9./LG1 from 9./LG

On 1.9.42 redesignated III./KG6:

Stab III./LG1 became Stab III./KG6
7./LG1 became 7./KG6
8./LG1 became 8./KG6
9./LG1 became 9./KG6

Reformed 1.5.43 in Barth from I./KG55 with:

Stab III./LG1 from Stab I./KG55
7./LG1 from 1./KG55
8./LG1 from 2./KG55
9./LG1 from 3./KG55

Disbanded 6.44.




Formed 1.11.38 in Barth from IV./LG Greifswald with:

Stab IV./LG1 from Stab IV./LG
10./LG1 from 10./LG
11./LG1 from 11./LG
12./LG1 from 12./LG

On 27.1.42 redesignated I./St.G.5:

Stab IV./LG1 became Stab I./St.G.5
10./LG1 became 1./St.G.5
11./LG1 became 2./St.G.5
12./LG1 became 3./St.G.5


* detachment at Rovaniemi

** detachment at Kirkenes and Kestenga (Kiestinki)



Formed 8.10.39 in Jesau from I./LG1 with:

Stab V./LG1 from Stab I./LG1
13./LG1 from 1./LG1
14./LG1 from 2./LG1
15./LG1 from 3./LG1

On 1.10.40 redesignated I./NJG3:

Stab V./LG1 became Stab I./NJG3
13./LG1 became 1./NJG3
14./LG1 became 2./NJG3
15./LG1 became 3./NJG3


Ergänzungsstaffel (Stuka)/LG1:

Formed 6.41 in Trondheim-Lade. 

On 26.1.42 redesignated Ergänzungsstaffel/St.G.5.




Formed 10.40 in Langendiebach as Ergänzungsstaffel/LG1.

On 17.4.41 expanded to Erg.Gruppe/LG1 with:

Stab/Erg.Gruppe LG1 new
1./Erg.Gruppe LG1 from Erg.Sta./LG1
2./Erg.Gruppe LG1 new
3./Erg.Gruppe LG1 new

In 1.42 became IV./LG1:

Stab/Erg.Gruppe LG1 became Stab IV./LG1
1./Erg.Gruppe LG1 became 10./LG1
2./Erg.Gruppe LG1 became 11./LG1
3./Erg.Gruppe LG1 became 12./LG1

13./LG1 was formed 6.43 in Prague-Rusin, and was disbanded 7.44.

On 25.12.44 redesignated I./EKG1:

Stab IV./LG1 became Stab I./EKG1
10./LG1 became 1./EKG1
11./LG1 became 2./EKG1
12./LG1 became 3./EKG1


* 2. Staffel (11./LG1) at Rhein/Main (17.4.41 - 3.5.41) and Catania (4.5.41 - ?.42).

* 3. Staffel (12./LG1) at Athen-Eleusis (?.41 - 19.4.42), Derna (21.4.42 - 7.8.42) and Berca (8.8.42 - 23.9.42).

* 13./LG1 at Prague-Rusin (6.43 - 10.43) and Wiener-Neustadt (10.43 - 7.44)

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