Kampfgeschwader 76



Formed 1.5.39 in Wiener-Neustadt from Stab/KG158. A Stabs-Staffel existed 4.40 - 5.45.

Known as Gefechtsverband Bormann, 11.41 - 4.42, controlling parts of KG54, KG76 and KG77.

Known as Gefechtsverband Kowalewski, 2.45 - 4.45, controlling I. and II./KG51, II. and III./KG76, and parts of NSGr.1, NSGr.2 and NSGr.20.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Wiener-Neustadt from I./KG158:

Stab I./KG76 from Stab I./KG158
1./KG76 from 1./KG158
2./KG76 from 2./KG158
3./KG76 from 3./KG158

Disbanded 6.44.


II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.1.40 in Wels with:

Stab II./KG76 new
4./KG76 new
5./KG76 new
6./KG76 new

On 9.7.40 redesignated III./St.G.77:

Stab II./KG76 became Stab III./St.G.77
4./KG76 became 7./St.G.77
5./KG76 became 8./St.G.77
6./KG76 became 9./St.G.77

Reformed 9.7.40 in Creil from III./KG28 with:

Stab II./KG76 from Stab III./KG28
4./KG76 from 7./KG28
5./KG76 from 8./KG28
6./KG76 from 9./KG28


* also at Ansbach

** 4./KG76 was based at Lezignan (29.2.44 - 20.3.44) and at Istres (20.3.44 - 12.7.44); 6./KG76 was based at Istres (20.3.44 - 12.7.44)

*** Flew operations from Achmer & Hesepe from 12.44 (especially 6./KG76). 6./KG76 moved to Hopsten on 15.2.45.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Wels from III./KG158 with:

Stab III./KG76 from Stab III./KG158
7./KG76 from 7./KG158
8./KG76 from 8./KG158
9./KG76 from 9./KG158

9./KG76 used some Ju 88C in 1942/1943.


* 9./KG76 moved to Münster-Handorf on 17.12.44, and remained there to 3.45. 7./KG76 remained at Burg, at least until 3.45, and possibly never became operational.

IV. Gruppe:


Formed 18.7.40 in Beaumont-le-Roger as Ergänzungsstaffel/KG76. 

In 3.41 increased to Gruppe, now as IV./KG76 with:

Stab IV./KG76 new
10./KG76 from Erg.Sta./KG76
11./KG76 new
12./KG76 new

On 25.12.44 redesignated III./EKG1:

Stab IV./KG76 became Stab III./EKG1
10./KG76 became 9./EKG1
11./KG76 became 10./EKG1
12./KG76 became 11./EKG1


Flughafenbetriebskompanien der KG76

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