Kampfgeschwader 6



Formed 5.42 in Dinard. On 23.11.44 redesignated Stab/KG(J)6.

Known as Gefechtsverband Hogeback, 4.45 - 5.45, controlling parts of KG(J)6, KG(J)51, I. and II./KG(J)54, JG1 and JG7.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.9.42 in Creil from I./KG77 with:

Stab I./KG6 from Stab I./KG77
1./KG6 from 1./KG77
2./KG6 from 2./KG77
3./KG6 from 3./KG77

On 23.11.44 redesignated I./KG(J)6.


* also parts at Kletschany

II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.9.42 in Dinard from KGr.106 with:

Stab II./KG6 from Stab I./KGr106
4./KG6 from 1./KGr106
5./KG6 from 2./KGr106
6./KG6 from 3./KGr106

On 23.11.44 redesignated II./KG(J)6.


* 4./KG6 at St. André, 4.6.44 - 10.6.44 and at Le Culot, 2.7.44 - 10.7.44; 5./KG6 at Chartres, 4.6.44 - 10.7.44; 6./KG6 at Paris-Orly, 28.6.44 - 10.7.44.

** also parts at Kletschany

III. Gruppe:


Formed 1.9.42 in Heiligenbeil from III./LG1 with:

Stab I./KG6 from Stab III./LG1
7./KG6 from 7./LG1
8./KG6 from 8./LG1
9./KG6 from 9./LG1

On 23.11.44 redesignated III./KG(J)6.


IV. Gruppe:


Formed 14.10.41 at Ansbach as Ergänzungsstaffel/KG6, from Erg.Kette/KGr. 606, Erg.Kette/KGr.106 and Ausb.Staffel/Fl.Fü. Atlantik. On 1.9.42 increased to Gruppe strength with:

Stab IV./KG6 new
10./KG6 from Erg.Sta/KG6
11./KG6 new
12./KG6 new

Disbanded 23.11.44.


14. Staffel:

Formed 1.9.42 in Beauvais. In 12.43 renamed 6.(F)/Aufklärungsgruppe 123.

Tested Ju 86P/R strategic reconnaissance aircraft.

15. Staffel:

Formed 1.9.42 in Chartres from Erprobungskommando 17, with Do217/He 111 pathfinders. Some aircraft and crews took parts in the Supply of Stalingrad (from Millerowo?).

In late 4.43 redesignated Stab I./KG66.

16. Staffel:

Formed 1.9.42 in Soesterberg from Erprobungskommando Me 210. Tested Me 210A. Renamed 11./ZG1 in 10.42.


Formed 8.43 in Chievres with Ju 188E. Disbanded 11.43.

Flughafenbetriebskompanien der KG6

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