Kampfgeschwader 200



Formed 20.2.44 in Berlin-Gatow from parts of Versuchsverband ObdL. Disbanded 25.4.45.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 2.44 in Finow from Gruppe Gartenfeldt with:

1. Ferneinsatz-Staffel from 2./Versuchsverband ObdL
2. Naheinsatz-Staffel from Gruppe Gartenfeldt
3. See-Einsatz-Staffel from Gruppe Gartenfeldt

In 5.44 1./KG200 was redesignated 4./KG200 (Ergänzung/Ausbildung-Staffel), and a new 1./KG200 was formed during the same month.

In 1.45 4./KG200 was redsignated 13./KG200 and was reformed.


* used many bases all over Germany, with main base at Finow:

1. Staffel mainly at Finow. Used Fw 200C, Ju 290A, Ju 252A, Ju 352A, Ju 52, Ar 232

2. Staffel HQ at Finow, but was divided into four outstations, Olga (Frankfurt/Main, 1.45 Stuttgart) covering the west; Carmen (Bergamo) covering the south; Klara (at ?) and Toska (at?) covering the east. Used many different aircraft, incl. Ju 52, Ju 88, Ju 188, Do 217, B-24, B-17, etc.

3. Staffel on Rügen (3.45 Flensburg) with Ar 196, Do 24, He 59, He 115, Do 18, BV 138, BV 222

4. Staffel at Finow with Ar 96, Bf 108, Bü181 and other training aircraft.

II. Gruppe:


Formed 5.44 in Dedelsdorf from Transport-Kolonne der Luftwaffe XI Ost with:

Stab II./KG200 from Transport-Kolonne der Luftwaffe XI Ost
5./KG200 new
6./KG200 new
7./KG200 new

In 11.44 redesignated IV./KG200:

Stab II./KG200 became Stab IV./KG200
5./KG200 became 15./KG200
6./KG200 became 14./KG200
7./KG200 became 16./KG200

Reformed 11.44 in Burg from III./KG66 with:

Stab II./KG200 from Stab III./KG66
5. (Beleuchter)/KG200 from 7./KG66 with Ju 88S
6. (Mistel)/KG200 from 8./KG66 with Mistel 1/3
7. (Erg./Ausb.)/KG200 from 9./KG66 with Mistel S1/S2

8./KG200 was formed 1.45 from parts of 7./KG200.


* Fw190F and Fi 103R (5. Staffel), Go 242, DFS 230, He 111, Ju 52 and He 111Z (6. Staffel), and many other types.

** Ju 88/188 and Mistel (see above).

*** 5./KG200 moved to Grove 11.44; 7./KG200 was based at Kolberg during its existence.

**** 6./KG200 moved to Burg in 2.45.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 10.1.45 in Berlin-Staaken from I./SG5 with:

Stab III./KG200 from Stab I./SG5
9./KG200 from 1./SG5
10./KG200 from 2./SG5
11./KG200 from 3./SG5
12./KG200 from 4./SG5


* 11./KG200 at Twente

IV. Gruppe:


Formed 11.44 in Prenzlau from II./KG200 with:

Stab IV./KG200 from Stab II./KG200
13./KG200 from Sonderstaffel Einhorn
14./KG200 from 6./KG200
15./KG200 from 5./KG200
16./KG200 from 7./KG200


* 14./KG200 at Vaerlöse, Copenhagen.


Formed 12.44 in Garz/Usedom from Erprobungskommando 36. Disbanded 4.45.


Formed 1.45 in ? from 3./KG101. Disbanded 4.45.

Ergänzungs- und Ausbildungsstaffel:

Formed 2.44 in Finow.

1997-2003 Michael Holm