Zerstörergeschwader 26 "Horst Wessel"



Formed 1.5.39 in Dortmund from Stab/ZG142. On 29.9.41 redesignated Stab/NJG3.

Reformed 13.10.43 in Wunstorf. In 7.44 redesignated Stab/JG6.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Dortmund from I./ZG142 with:

Stab I./ZG26 from Stab I./ZG142
1./ZG26 from 1./ZG142
2./ZG26 from 2./ZG142
3./ZG26 from 3./ZG142

Disbanded 4.42, and was absorbed by ZG1 and ZG2.

Reformed 13.10.43 in Bad Lippspringe from I./ZG1 with:

Stab I./ZG26 from Stab I./ZG1
1./ZG26 from 1./ZG1
2./ZG26 from 2./ZG1
3./ZG26 from 3./ZG1

In 7.44 redesignated I./JG6 with:

Stab I./ZG26 became Stab I./JG6
1./ZG26 became 1./JG6
2./ZG26 became 2./JG6
3./ZG26 became 3./JG6


II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Werl from II./ZG142 with:

Stab II./ZG26 from Stab II./ZG142
4./ZG26 from 4./ZG142
5./ZG26 from 5./ZG142
6./ZG26 from 6./ZG142

Disbanded 4.42, and was absorbed by ZG1 and ZG2.

Reformed 11.10.43 in Hildesheim from III./ZG1 with:

Stab II./ZG26 from Stab III./ZG1
4./ZG26 from 7./ZG1
5./ZG26 from 8./ZG1
6./ZG26 from 9./ZG1

In 7.44 redesignated II./JG6:

Stab II./ZG26 became Stab II./JG6
4./ZG26 became 5./JG6
5./ZG26 became 6./JG6
6./ZG26 became 7./JG6


* 6./ZG26 remained at Pfaffenhofen until 10.4.44.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Lippstadt from III./ZG142 with:

Stab III./ZG26 from Stab III./ZG142
7./ZG26 from 7./ZG142
8./ZG26 from 8./ZG142
9./ZG26 from 9./ZG142

Known as JGr. 126 between 25.9.39 and 4.2.40.

On 26.9.44 redesignated Kommando Nowotny:

Stab III./ZG26 became Stab/Kommando Nowotny
7./ZG26 was absorbed by JG76
8./ZG26 became 2./Kommando Nowotny
9./ZG26 became 1./Kommando Nowotny


* 7./ZG26 moved to Derna 12.41 (replacing 8./ZG26), 21.12.41 to Sirte, 2.42 to Derna

* 8./ZG26 moved to Bir Dufan on 13.2.41 (Fl.Fü. Afrika), 15.3 to Sirte, 30.3 to En Nofilia, 4.41 to Derna, 12.41 to Germany, 22.2.42 to Derna, 21.3.42 to Trapani

* 9./ZG26 at Derna, 6.41 to 6.41; and again 11.41 - 11.41, 11.41 to Malemes (Crete), 21.3.42 to Trapani

** 8./ZG26 at Derna, 8.42 - 11.42.

*** 7./ZG26 at Fels-am-Wagran (13.5.44 - 12.6.44) and at Seyring (12.6.44 - 20.7.44); 8./ZG26 remained at Leipheim until 18.8.44, and moved to Rechlin-Lärz; 9./ZG26 was based at Schwäbisch-Hall (12.7.44 - 20.9.44), and Erfurt-Bindersleben (20.9.44 - 26.9.44)


Formed 5.9.39 in Jever as 10.(Nacht)/ZG26 (Olt. Bernhard Mielke). On 5.1.40 redesignated 10.(N)/JG26.

Reformed 4.42 in Derna(?). Disbanded 11.43, and became 7./ZG76



Formed 6.43 in Eleusis. On 18.7.44 became part of the new IV./ZG26.


IV. Gruppe:


Formed 18.7.44 in Oerlandet (10. and 12./ZG26 only):

Stab IV./ZG26 formed 5.9.44 in Oerlandet from Stab/SAGr.125 (Bf 110G)
10./ZG26 in Herdla from 13(Z)./JG5 (Bf 110G)
11./ZG26 existed already, but did not arrive in Oerlandet until 8.44 (Ju 88C)
12./ZG26 in Gossen from Küstenfliegerstaffel Krim (Bf 110G)

Bases 25.12.44:

Stab IV./ZG26 and 10./ZG26 at Trondheim-Lade
10./ZG26 is not mentioned after 27.11.44, and might have been disbanded.
11./ZG26 at Gardermoen, now converting to Me 410A
12./ZG26 at Herdla

Disbanded 23.2.45:

Stab IV./ZG26 became Stab II./JG5
10./ZG26 became 7./JG5
12./ZG26 was disbanded

Only 11./ZG26 remained until the end (based at Oerlandet, 2.45 - 5.45, with Me 410A).

Known bases:

Stab IV. Gruppe:


* only half of 10./ZG26; the other half was based at Opstad (1st half of 9.44) and at Lister (2nd half of 9.44).



* detachment at Stavanger-Sola, 2.45



Erg.Staffel/ZG26 was formed 28.3.41 in Ingolstadt-Manching from Ergänzungszerstörerstaffel 1. 

In 4.41 increased to Gruppe, now as IV./ZG26, with:

Stab new
10. (Einsatz)/ZG26 from Erg.Sta./ZG26
11. (Ausb.)/ZG26 new (7.41)
12. (Ausb.)/ZG26 new (7.41)

In 10.41 became Ergänzungsgruppe/NJG1 with:

Stab IV./ZG26 became Stab/Erg.Gruppe NJG1
10. and 11./ZG26 became 2./Erg.Gruppe NJG1
12./ZG26 became 3./Erg.Gruppe NJG1


* 10./ZG26 at Neumünster (4.41 - 27.7.41); 10., 11. and 12./ZG26 at Aalborg-Ost (7.41 - 10.41) 



Formed 6.4.44 in Illesheim from 2./Ergänzungszerstörergruppe. On 1.9.44 became 2./JGr.Nord.


6.4.44 - 7.44 Illesheim Bf 110, Me 410
7.44 - 7.44 Brandis   Bf 110, Me 410
7.44 - 31.8.44 Sagan-Küpper   Bf 110, Me 410

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