Zerstörergeschwader 1

Me 210A of III./ZG1 in early 1943



Formed 4.1.42 at Lechfeld from Stab/SKG210. Disbanded 7.44.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 from I./ZG141 at Jüterbog-Damm with:

Stab I./ZG1 from Stab I./ZG141
1./ZG1 from 1./ZG141
2./ZG1 from 2./ZG141
3./ZG1 from 3./ZG141

On 22.6.40 ordered to Düsseldorf and disbanded:

Stab I/ZG1 became Stab I./NJG1
1./ZG1 became 1./Erpr.Gr. 210 (at Köln-Ostheim)
2./ZG1 became 2./NJG1
3./ZG1 became 3./NJG1

Reformed 4.1.42 at Lechfeld from I./SKG210 with:

Stab I./ZG1 from Stab I./SKG210
1./ZG1 from 1./SKG210
2./ZG1 from 2./SKG210
3./ZG1 from 3./SKG210

On 13.10.43 renamed I./ZG26:

Stab I./ZG1 became Stab I./ZG26
1./ZG1 became 1./ZG26
2./ZG1 became 2./ZG26
3./ZG1 became 3./ZG26

Reformed 10.43 at Lorient from V./KG40 with:

Stab I./ZG1 from Stab V./KG40
1./ZG1 from 13./KG40
2./ZG1 from 14./KG40
3./ZG1 from 15./KG40

In 1.44 3./ZG1 and 7./ZG1 exchanged designations. On 12.7.44 moved to Welzow and was renamed II./JG4:

Stab I./ZG1 became Stab II./JG4
1./ZG1 became 5./JG4
2./ZG1 became 6./JG4
3./ZG1 became 7./JG4


* 3./ZG1 at Westerland

** 3./ZG1 at Bordeaux-Merignac, 11.43; 1./ZG1 at Salon-de-Provence, 5.5.44 - 21.5.44; 2./ZG1 at Vannes, 1.44 - 14.6.44 and at Chateauroux, 15.6.44 - 16.7.44.

*** 2./ZG1 at Chateaudun, 18.6.44 - 16.7.44

II. Gruppe:


Formed 15.5.39 from I./JG54 at Fürstenwalde with:

Stab II./ZG1 from Stab I./JG54
4./ZG1 from 1./JG54
5./ZG1 from 2./JG54
6./ZG1 from 3./JG54

Known as Jagdgruppe 101 between 21.9.39 and 1.3.40. On 26.6.40 renamed III./ZG76:

Stab II./ZG1 became Stab III./ZG76
4./ZG1 became 7./ZG76
5./ZG1 became 8./ZG76
6./ZG1 became 9./ZG76

Reformed 4.1.42 at Bryansk from II./SKG210 with:

Stab II./ZG1 from Stab II./SKG210
4./ZG1 from 4./SKG210
5./ZG1 from 5./SKG210
6./ZG1 from 6./SKG210

In July 1944 renamed III./JG76:

Stab II./ZG1 became Stab III./JG76
4./ZG1 became 9./JG76
5./ZG1 became 10./JG76
6./ZG1 became 11./JG76


** one staffel at Westerland/Sylt, 1.10.39 - 2.40

* detachment at Mamaia (Romania), 13.4.44 - 15.5.44

III. Gruppe:


Formed 1.42 at Lechfeld with:

Stab III./ZG1 new
7./ZG1 new
8./ZG1 new
9./ZG1 new

On 11.10.43 renamed II./ZG26:

Stab III./ZG1 became Stab II./ZG26
7./ZG1 became 4./ZG26
8./ZG1 became 5./ZG26
9./ZG1 became 6./ZG26

Reformed 10.43 at Bordeaux-Merignac with:

Stab III./ZG1 new
7./ZG1 from 10./KG40
8./ZG1 from 1./SAGr.128
9./ZG1 from 16./KG40

In 1.44 7./ZG1 and 3./ZG1 exchanged designations. On 5.8.44 moved to Alteno and was renamed III./JG4:

Stab III./ZG1 became Stab III./JG4
7./ZG1 became 9./JG4
8./ZG1 became 10./JG4
9./ZG1 became 11./JG4


* 7./ZG1 at Lorient, 11.43; 8./ZG1 at Brest-Hourtin, 2.44

** 8./ZG1 at Salon-de-Provence, 23.5.44 - 10.6.44. (possibly the entire Gruppe)

*** Only 9./ZG1 is known to have been there. The rest of the Gruppe also?



Formed 4.1.42 in Merville from Erg.Staffel/SKG210.

On 18.4.42 redesignated 1./Ergänzungs-Zerstörergruppe.

Reformed 6.4.44 in Illesheim from 3./Ergänzungszerstörergruppe. On 19.8.44 redesignated 9./JG4.



10./ZG1 was formed 10.42, and in 8.43 became NNJSch/Luftflotte 4.

Known bases:

Bagerowo, 2.43 - 8.43

11./ZG1 was formed 10.42 from 16./KG6, and in 12.42 became Erprobungsstaffel 410.

Known bases:

Chinisia, 12.42

12./ZG1 was formed 10.42 and in 5.43 became NNJSch/Lw.Kdo.Ost.

Known bases:

Brjansk, 2.43 - 4.43


Formed 6.43 in Seschtschinskaja.

Disbanded 8.43.

Known bases:

Seschtschinskaja-Ost, 6.43
Ledna-Ost, 6.43 - 7.43
Brjansk, 8.43

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