Zerstörergeschwader 2



Formed 1.4.40 at Darmstadt-Griesheim. Disbanded 9.40.

Reformed 4.42 in Landsberg/Lech. Disbanded 12.42(?).


* also known as Zerstörergeschwader "Süd" from 11.42. Fate unknown.

I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 at Bernburg from I./JG231 with:

Stab I./ZG2 from Stab I./JG231
1./ZG2 from 1./JG231
2./ZG2 from 2./JG231
3./ZG2 from 3./JG231

Known as Jagdgruppe 102 between 21.9.39 and 30.1.40. Disbanded 9.40, but 1./ZG2 became 4./NJG2 in 11.40.

Reformed 4.42 at Landsberg/Lech from I./ZG26 with:

Stab I./ZG2 from Stab I./ZG26
1./ZG2 from 1./ZG26
2./ZG2 from 2./ZG26
3./ZG2 from 3./ZG26

Disbanded 8.42, remnants into NJG4 and III./ZG1.


* 2./ZG2 at Zipser-Neudorf, 8.9.39 - 9.9.39

II. Gruppe:


Formed 26.6.40 at Freiburg from I./ZG52 with:

Stab II./ZG2 from Stab I./ZG52
4./ZG2 from 1./ZG52
5./ZG2 from 2./ZG52
6./ZG2 from 3./ZG52

Disbanded 9.40, with 4./ZG2 becoming 4./NJG3.

Reformed 3.42 in Landsberg/Lech and Wien-Aspern with:

Stab II./ZG2 new
4./ZG2 new
5./ZG2 new
6./ZG2 new

In late July 1942 gave up its aircraft to ZG1, and moved to Wiener-Neustadt. In 9.42 redesignated I./NJG5:

Stab II./ZG2 became Stab I./NJG5
4./ZG2 became 1./NJG5
5./ZG2 became 2./NJG5
6./ZG2 became 3./NJG5


III. Gruppe:


Formed 4.42 in Landsberg/Lech with:

Stab III./ZG2 new
7./ZG2 new
8./ZG2 new
9./ZG2 new

On 20.12.42 redesignated III./SKG10:

Stab III./ZG2 became Stab III./SKG10
7./ZG2 became 7./SKG10
8./ZG2 became 8./SKG10
9./ZG2 became 9./SKG10


* from 9.42 to 11.42 also at Cognac for anti-shipping training.


Existed between 4.42 and 7.42, probably at Landsberg/Lech.

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