Erprobungsgruppe 210


Formed 1.7.40 in Köln-Ostheim with:

Stab/Erpr.Gr.210 new
1./Erpr.Gr.210 from 1./ZG1 with Bf 110C
2./Erpr.Gr.210 from 3./St.G.77 with Bf 110D
3./Erpr.Gr.210 from 4./TrGr.186 with Bf 109E

On 24.4.41 redesignated I./SKG210:

Stab/Erpr.Gr.210 became Stab I./SKG210
1./Erpr.Gr.210 became 1./SKG210
2./Erpr.Gr.210 became 2./SKG210
3./Erpr.Gr.210 became 3./SKG210


* Calais-Marck was used as a forward airfield

1997-2003 Michael Holm