Kampfgeschwader 100



Formed 29.11.41 in Chartres. Disbanded 20.8.44.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 15.12.41 in Märkisch-Friedland from KGr.100:

Stab I./KG100 from Stab/KGr.100
1./KG100 from 1./KGr.100
2./KG100 from 2./KGr.100
3./KG100 from 3./KGr.100

In 2.42 2./KG100 became Lehr- und Erprobungskommando 100, and a new 2/KG100 was formed 31.5.42 from 4./KG26.

On 21.10.43 I./KG100 became I./KG4:

Stab I./KG100 became Stab I./KG4
1./KG100 became 1./KG4
2./KG100 became 2./KG4
3./KG100 became 3./KG4

On the same date a new I./KG100 was formed from the old I./KG4:

Stab I./KG100 from Stab I./KG4
1./KG100 from 1./KG4
2./KG100 from 2./KG4
3./KG100 from 3./KG4

In late May 1944 redesignated III./KG1:

Stab I./KG100 became Stab III./KG1
1./KG100 became 7./KG1
2./KG100 became 8./KG1
3./KG100 became 9./KG1


* at first only 3./KG100, but 2./KG100 followed on 6.2.44. 1./KG100 remained at Lechfeld until 1.5.44, when it also moved to Fassberg.

II. Gruppe:


Formed 15.12.41 in Seschtschinskaja from III./KG26:

Stab II./KG100 from Stab III./KG26
4./KG100 from 7./KG26
5./KG100 from 8./KG26
6./KG100 from 9./KG26

On 10.4.43 Einsatzstaffel/KG100 was formed from parts of II/KG100 (17 He 111H), and Lehr- und Erprobungs-Kommando 15 and Erprobungsstaffel/KG30 were absorbed by the rest of II./KG100. Used the Do 217E / Hs 293 (guided missile) combination.

In 6.44 6./KG100 and 8./KG100 exchanged designations.

Disbanded 2.2.45.


* 10.10.42 - 1.43 part of II./KG100 was based at Catania and Comiso (II. Fliegerkorps).

** a kette was based at Foggia, 17.7 - 23.7.43

*** 5./KG100 was based at Athens/Kalamaki (X. Fliegerkorps), from 24.10.43 to 10.12.43.

**** 4./KG100 remained at Leck until 9.3.44, when it moved to Aalborg, converting to He 177A.

***** 6./KG100 remained at Toulouse until 1.6.44 (Do 217E, Luftflotte 3), when it was redesignated 8./KG100. A new 6./KG100 was formed from the old 8./KG100 (He 177A) at Fassberg, ?later to Aalborg.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 20.9.42 in Salamanca and Kalamaki from SAGr.126:

Stab III./KG100 from Stab/SAGr.126
7./KG100 from 1./SAGr.126
8./KG100 from 2./SAGr.126
9./KG100 from 3./SAGr.126

On 18.2.43 again became SAGr.126:

Stab III./KG100 became Stab/SAGr.126
7./KG100 became 1./SAGr.126
8./KG100 became 2./SAGr.126
9./KG100 became 3./SAGr.126

Reformed 29.4.43 in Schwäbisch Hall from KGrzbV21 with:

Stab III./KG100 from Stab/KGr.21
7./KG100 from 1./KGr.21
8./KG100 from 2./KGr.21
9./KG100 from 3./KGr.21

Used the Do 217K / Fritz X (guided bomb) combination. In 6.44 8./KG100 and 6./KG100 exchanged designations. Disbanded 7.9.44.


* one kette was based at Foggia 17.7. - 27.7.43.

* 20.9.43 8./KG100 moved to Fassberg and began converting to He 177A. On 1.6.44 redesignated 6./KG100, and a new 8./KG100 was formed from the old 6./KG100, and moved to ?Toulouse.

IV. Gruppe:


Erg.Kette/KGr100 was formed 24.8.40 in Lüneburg, from 1.5.41 Erg.Staffel/KGr.100.

On 29.11.41 IV./KG100 was formed with:

Stab IV./KG100 new
10./KG100 from Erg.Sta./KGr.100
11./KG100 from Erg.Sta./KG28
12./KG100 new (7.42)

13./KG100 was formed on 29.4.43 from 4./KGrzbV21, but on 31.7.43 was absorbed by Erprobungskommando 36.

On 20.7.44 12./KG100 became 3./Erg.KGr.177. IV./KG100 was disbanded 31.8.44.




Formed 10.4.43 in Kalamaki/Athens with 17 He 111H from parts of II./KG100. Eleusis was used as a reserve airfield. Illuminator-staffel for LG1. Disbanded 10.11.43.


Flughafenbetriebskompanien der KG100

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