Kampfgeschwader 26 "Löwen"



Formed 1.5.39 in Lüneburg from Stab/KG257. In 6.41 redesignated Stab/Fliegerführer Nord. A Stabs-Staffel existed 5.39 - 6.41.

Reformed 11.42 in Grosseto, Italy.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 at Lübeck-Blankensee from I./KG257 with:

Stab I./KG26 from Stab I./KG257
1./KG26 from 1./KG257
2./KG26 from 2./KG257
3./KG26 from 3./KG257

From 1.42 began converting to He 111H torpedo bombers, with one staffel converting at Grosseto at a time, beginning with 3./KG26. Converted to Ju 88A-4 LT torpedo bombers from 4.44. The aricraft and crews from I./KG77 was absorbed on 20.7.44:

Stab I./KG26 from Stab I./KG77
1./KG26 from 1./KG77
2./KG26 from 2./KG77
3./KG26 from 3./KG77


* 1./KG26 was detached at Westerland

** 2. and 3./KG26 moved to Stavanger-Sola in 3.41. 2./KG26 moved to Banak in 8.41, followed by 3./KG26 in 10.41. The whole group was united again in 12.41 at Bardufoss.

*** Detachment at Piacenza, 1.44 - 2.44, to combat the allied landings at Anzio.

II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Lüneburg from II./KG257 with:

Stab II./KG26 from Stab II./KG257
4./KG26 from 4./KG257
5./KG26 from 5./KG257
6./KG26 from 6./KG257

Began the war with He 111H bombers. In 2.41 6./KG26 converted to He111H-4/6 (torp.) torpedo bombers. The rest of the Gruppe converted to torpedo bombers from 4.42 at Grosseto (one staffel at a time).

In 5.42 4./KG26 was renamed 2./KG100, and was reformed 2 months later (7.42) from 7./KG26. The Gruppe began converting to Ju 88A torpedo bombers from 6.43.


* 4. and 5./KG26 was based at Foggia 6.4.41 - 20.4.41

** 6./KG26 moved to Buzeau (Romania) 9.41, and to Saki 12.41. In 10.42 moved to Catania, and joined the rest of the Gruppe in Grosseto on 9.11.42.

*** 4./KG26 detached at Focsani, 4.44 - 5.44 and then returned to Grossenbrode.

III. Gruppe:


Began forming 12.9.39 in Jesau with He 111H bombers with:

Stab III./KG26 new
7./KG26 new (11.39)
8./KG26 new (1.40)
9./KG26 new (12.39)

Formation was completed in 2.40, but the gruppe was immediately renamed KGr126:

Stab III./KG26 became Stab/KGr.126
7./KG26 became 1./KGr.126
8./KG26 became 2./KGr.126
9./KG26 became 3./KGr.126

and was reformed from I./KG28 with:

Stab III./KG26 from Stab I./KG28
7./KG26 from 1./KG28
8./KG26 from 2./KG28
9./KG26 from 3./KG28

On 15.12.41 while in Setschinskaja, was renamed II./KG100:

Stab III./KG26 became Stab II./KG100
7./KG26 became 4./KG100
8./KG26 became 5./KG100
9./KG26 became 6./KG100

and was reformed from the new I./KG28:

Stab III./KG26 from Stab I./KG28
7./KG26 from 1./KG28
8./KG26 from 2./KG28
9./KG26 from 3./KG28

On 8.6.42 again renamed, now becoming I./KG1:

Stab III./KG26 became Stab I./KG1
7./KG26 became 4./KG26
8./KG26 became 1./KG1
9./KG26 became 2./KG1

and was reformed from Kü.Fl.Gr. 506, now with Ju88A-4 bombers:

Stab III./KG26 from Stab/Kü.Fl.Gr. 506
7./KG26 from 1./Kü.Fl.Gr. 506
8./KG26 from 2./Kü.Fl.Gr. 506
9./KG26 from 3./Kü.Fl.Gr. 506

8./KG26 was disbanded 7.43, and was reformed 13.7.43 from 1./Kü.Fl.Gr. 906.

In 4.44 converted to Ju 88A-17, and in 8.44 - 11.44 to Ju 188A-3.


* Detachment at Piacenza, 1.44 - 2.44, to combat the allied landings at Anzio.

** 7./KG26 at Grossenbrode, 7.44 - 9.44

IV. Gruppe:


Erg.Staffel/KG26 was formed 8.40 in Lübeck-Blankensee, and was increased to Gruppe strength 22.3.41 with:

Stab IV./KG26 new
10./KG26 from Erg.Sta./KG26
11./KG26 new
12./KG26 new

12./KG26 was disbanded 5.42, and was reformed 4.6.42 in Westerland from Erg.Sta./Kü.Fl.Gr.506.

On 7.9.44 renamed Ergänzungskampfgruppe LT (Lufttorpedo):

Stab IV./KG26 became Stab/Erg.KGr. LT
10./KG26 was disbanded
11./KG26 became 2./Erg.KGr. LT
12./KG26 became 3./Erg.KGr. LT


8.40 - 6.9.44 Lübeck-Blankensee* He 111H, Ju 88A

* 12./KG26 at Westerland, 4.6.42 - 16.6.42

Flughafenbetriebskompanien der KG26

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