Kampfgeschwader 1 "Hindenburg"



Formed 1.5.39 in Kolberg from Stab/KG152. A Stabsstaffel existed 8.39 - 8.40.

On 25.8.44 redesignated Stab/JG7.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Kolberg from IV./KG152 with:

Stab I./KG1 from Stab IV./KG152
1./KG1 from 10./KG152
2./KG1 from 11./KG152
3./KG1 from 12./KG152

On 24.3.41 redesignated III./KG40:

Stab I./KG1 became Stab III./KG40
1./KG1 became 7./KG40
2./KG1 became 8./KG40
3./KG1 became 9./KG40

Reformed 8.6.42 in Rennes from III./KG26 with:

Stab I./KG1 from Stab III./KG26
1./KG1 from 8./KG26
2./KG1 from 9./KG26
3./KG1 new

Disbanded 7.44.


* detachment operated from Morosowskaja

II. Gruppe:


Formed 18.9.39 in Pinnow-Plathe from I./LG3 with:

Stab II./KG1 from Stab I./LG3
4./KG1 from 1./LG3
5./KG1 from 2./LG3
6./KG1 from 3./LG3

On 25.8.44 redesignated I./JG7:

Stab II./KG1 became Stab I./JG7
4./KG1 was disbanded
5./KG1 became 1./JG7
6./KG1 became 2./JG7


* detachment operated from Morosowskaja

III. Gruppe:


Formed 15.12.39 in Burg-Magdeburg with:

Stab III./KG1 new
7./KG1 new
8./KG1 new
9./KG1 new

In 8.43 most of the Gruppe were transported to Flensburg, while 9./KG1 remained in Russia.

9./KG1 was redesignated 14.(Eis)/KG3 on 1.2.44.

III./KG1 was disbanded 24.3.44.

Reformed 6.44 in Wittmundhafen from I./KG100 with:

Stab III./KG1 from Stab I./KG100
7./KG1 from 1./KG100
8./KG1 from 2./KG100
9./KG1 from 3./KG100

On 25.8.44 redesignated II./JG7:

Stab III./KG1 became Stab II./JG7
7./KG1 Became 3./JG7
8./KG1 became 4./JG7
9./KG1 became 5./JG7


IV. Gruppe:


Formed 16.8.40 in Münster-Handorf as Erg.Staffel/KG1. On 10.4.41 increased to Gruppe with:

Stab IV./KG1 new
10./KG1 from Stabsstaffel/KG1
11./KG1 from Erg.Staffel/KG1
12./KG1 from ?./Erg.KGr.5

13./KG1 was formed 6.12.42 in Schaulen.

Disbanded 8.44, with 10./KG1 being absorbed by 1./Erg.KGr.177.


Flughafenbetriebskompanien der KG1

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