48th Brestskiy order of Suvorov Missile Brigade

48-я ракетный Брестский ордена Суворова бригада

Military Unit: 33938

Activated 14.9.65 in Sary-Ozek, Taldy-Kurgan Oblast, from the 53rd Missile Division.

Initially under the 24th independent Missile Corps, and from 8.6.70 the 31st Missile Army.

Organisation - taken over from the 496th Missile Regiment:

The three battalions stood down in 1980, and the brigade was disbanded.

US designation 1965-1980: Sary Ozek IRBM complex (Kara Babau launch sites 1 to 3). Type III (pad) and IV (silo) sites.

Kara Babau launch site 1 with 4 R-14 pads (44 31 36N, 77 46 25E):

Kara Babau launch site 2 with 3 R-14U silos (44 29 59N, 77 58 54E):

Kara Babau launch site 3 with 3 R-14U silos (44 31 09N, 77 41 41E):

Sary Ozek IRBM complex coordinates:

Headquarters, Administration & Support area: