305th Guards Kenigsbergskiy Red Banner order of Kutuzov Missile Regiment

305 гвардейский ракетный Кенигсбергский Краснознаменный ордена Кутузова полк

Military Unit: 33847

Activated 1.9.60 at Vyry, Estonia, under the 23rd Guards Missile Division.

Awards from a Guards Cannon Artillery Brigade (either the 11th, 12th or 13th).


From 1982 attached to the 40th Missile Division.

The two battalions stood down in 1989, and the regiment was disbanded shortly thereafter (1990).

US designation: Voru MRBM complex (Voru launch site 1 and 2). Type II (pad) sites.

Voru launch site 1 (57 45 46N, 26 47 15E):

Voru launch site 2 (57 49 06N, 26 50 27E):