5th Guards Zimovnikovskaya Red Banner order of Kutuzov Motorised Rifle Division imeni 60th Anniversary SSSR

5-я гвардейская мотострелковая Зимовниковская Краснознамённая ордена Кутузова дивизия имени 60-летия СССР

Military Unit: 11904; from 12.79: 51852

Activated 25.6.57 in Kushka, Mary Oblast, as the 53rd Guards Motorised Rifle Division, from the 5th Guards Mechanised Division.

Organisation 1960:

19.2.62 re-organised:

11.1.65 renamed 5th Guards Motorised Rifle Division.

In 1968 the 68th independent Guards Sapper Battalion was renamed 68th independent Guards Engineer-Sapper Battalion.

In 4.70 the 369th Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment was replaced by the 101st Motorised Rifle Regiment. Most likely at the same time, the 1072nd Guards Artillery Regiment was replaced by the 1060th Artillery Regiment.

Organisation 1970:

15.11.72 re-organised:

In 1980 the 685th independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 375th independent Material Supply Battalion.

27.12.79 crossed the border into Afghanistan, and would be deployed at Herat and Shindand for more than 9 years.

Organisation 1980:

In 3.80 the 373rd Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment left the division, and was renamed 70th independent Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade.

17.12.82 named "imeni 60-Letiya SSSR".

3.85 the 12th Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment arrived from Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast, and joined the division.

In 10.86 the 24th Guards Tank Regiment and 1122nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment returned to Kushka, Mary Oblast.

4.85 awarded the Red Banner for service in Afghanistan.

Organisation 1988:

Disbanded 3.89 - absorbed by the 88th Motorised Rifle Division.



Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Not Ready Division - High-Strength Cadre (US terms: Category III) - manning was about 25% (3000 men) - with one regiment maintained as a Ready Regiment with 1200 men. Mobilised in 1979 as a Ready Division - First Line (US terms: Category I), with over 90% manning.