32nd Combined Arms Army

32-я общевойсковая армия

Military Unit: 41524


Activated 2.9.43 as the 1st Rifle Corps.

Organisation 10.5.45:

Organisation 1.10.45:

30.10.45 the 306th Rifle Division was replaced by the 374th Rifle Division and the 93rd independent Rifle Brigade.

29.11.45 the 5th Guards Mechanised Division arrived from Ukraine, and joined the corps.

22.5.46 the 93rd independent Rifle Brigade (Krasnovodsk, Ashkhabad Oblast) was disbanded.

In 5.46 the 374th Rifle Division was disbanded.

Organisation 1.4.47:

Organisation 1950:

In 4.55 the 344th and 357th Rifle Divisions were renamed 58th and 61st Rifle Division.

25.6.57 renamed 1st Army Corps, and re-organised:

Organisation 1960:

In 10.60 the 61st Motorised Rifle Division became a training division, and was replaced by the 15th Tank Division.

In 1968 the 58th Motorised Rifle Division was replaced by the 203rd Motorised Rifle Division.

In 4.70 the 53rd Guards Motorised Rifle Division was replaced by the 155th Motorised Rifle Division.

Organisation 1970:

Organisation 1980:

24.9.81 renamed 32nd Combined Arms Army.

In 1984 the 71st Motorised Rifle Division was activated.

Organisation 1988:

1.3.88 renamed 1st Army Corps.

4.6.91 renamed 40th Combined Arms Army.

5.92 taken over by Kazakhstan.