108th Nevelskaya twice Red Banner Motorised Rifle Division

108-я мотострелковая Невельская дважды Краснознамённая дивизия

Military Unit: 11090; from 12.79: 51854

Activated 25.6.57 in Termez, Surkhandar'inskaya Oblast, from the 62nd Rifle Division.

Organisation 1960:

19.2.62 re-organised:

In 1968 the 271st independent Sapper Battalion was renamed 271st independent Engineer-Sapper Battalion.

Organisation 1970:

15.11.72 re-organised:

10.12.79 began mobilisation, and 25.12.79 the 781st independent Reconnaissance Battalion became the first unit of the division to cross into Afghanistan.

In 1980 the 000 independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 1003rd independent Material Supply Battalion.

Organisation 1980:

25.6.80 the 234th Tank Regiment left for Samarkand (201st Motorised Rifle Division), and was replaced by the 285th Tank Regiment, from the 201st Motorised Rifle Division.

1.9.80 the 1049th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment and the 646th independent Missile Battalion returned to Termez. The 1049th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment was replaced in the division by the 1415th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment arriving from Totskoye.

15.3.84 the 285th Tank Regiment was renamed 682nd Motorised Rifle Regiment, and was transferred to Rukha.

1.3.85 the 113th independent Chemical Defence Company was renamed 113th independent Flame-Throwing Company.

4.5.85 awarded the second Red Banner for service in Afghanistan.

20.10.86 the 1415th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment returned to Termez.

Organisation 1988:

In 1989 the 682nd Motorised Rifle Regiment was renamed 285th Tank Regiment, and the 113th independent Flame-Throwing Company was renamed 113th independent Chemical Defence Company.

In 1.92 taken over by Uzbekistan.



Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Not Ready Division - Low-Strength Cadre (US terms: Category III) - manning was about 15% (1700 men) - mobilised in 12.79 (partly with troops from the 72nd Guards Mototised Rifle Division), and served in Afghanistan as a Ready Division - First Line (US terms: Category I) - manning was almost 100%.