17th Army Corps

17-й армейский корпус

Military Unit: 54220


Activated 16.9.49 in Samarkand, Samarkand Oblast, as the 17th Rifle Corps.

Organisation 1950:

In 4.55 the 203rd and 360th Rifle Divisions were renamed 30th and 55th Rifle Divisions.

25.6.57 renamed 17th Army Corps:

In 1958 the 90th Guards Motorised Rifle Division was transferred to district control.

Organisation 1960:

11.1.65 the 102nd Motorised Rifle Division was renamed 203rd Motorised Rifle Division.

Organisation 1970:

In 1.80 the 201st Motorised Rifle Division and the 860th independent Motorised Rifle Regiment departed for Afghanistan - replaced by the 134th Motorised Rifle Division and the 32nd independent Motorised Rifle Regiment.

Organisation 1980:

In 6.81 the 32nd independent Motorised Rifle Regiment was renamed 68th independent Motorised Rifle Brigade.

Organisation 1988:

6.92 taken over by Kirgizistan.