33rd Army Corps

33-й армейский корпус

Military Unit: 48985; from 1968: 71086


Activated 16.12.43 as the 119th Rifle Corps.

Organisation 10.5.45:

Organisation 1.10.45:

30.10.45 the 374th Rifle Division was replaced by the 306th Rifle Division.

In 5.46 the 306th Rifle Division was disbanded.

Organisation 1.4.47:

In 7.48 the 201st Rifle Division was renamed 53rd independent Rifle Brigade.

16.3.49 the 53rd independent Rifle Brigade was renamed 201st Mountain Rifle Division.

In 6.49 the 48th independent Rifle Brigade arrived from Serdobsk, Penza Oblast, and joined the corps.

23.7.49 the 48th independent Rifle Brigade was renamed 376th Mountain Rifle Division.

In 9.49 the 360th Rifle Division was transferred to the new 17th Rifle Corps.

Organisation 1950:

13.6.55 renamed 33rd Rifle Corps - and the 201st and 376th Mountain Rifle Divisions was renamed 27th and 71st Mountain Rifle Divisions.

27.3.57 the 27th Mountain Rifle Division was renamed 124th Mountain Rifle Division.

4.6.57 renamed 33rd Army Corps.

25.3.58 the 71st and 124th Mountain Rifle Divisions were renamed 427th and 451st independent Motorised Rifle Regiments.

In 4.60 the 451st independent Motorised Rifle Regiment was expanded, and renamed 124th Motorised Rifle Division.

Organisation 1960:

Organisation 1970:

In 1972 the 62nd Motorised Rifle Division arrived in Itatka, Tomsk Oblast.

In 1978 the 167th Motorised Rifle Division (mobilisation) was activated.

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1988:

Disbanded 7.91, and was absorbed by the arriving 28th Army Corps.