gemischte Flak-Abteilung 467 (v)

Formed 4.41 in Luftgau VI (until 7.42 known as Res.Flak-Abt. 467) with:

Stab/s.467 from Stab/650
1./s.467 from 3./Res.Fest.Flak-Abt. 343
2./s.467 from 4./Res.Fest.Flak-Abt. 343
3./s.467 from 5./Res.Fest.Flak-Abt. 343
4./s.467 from le.Res.Flak-Bttr. 2./VI
5./s.467 from le.Res.Flak-Bttr. 3./VI

Reorganised as a schwere Abteilung in mid-42:

4./Res.467 became 2./849, and was reformed
5./Res.467 became 3./849

Reorganised as a gemischte Abteilung in mid-43:

5./gem.467 from 4./849
6./gem.467 from 2./863


* 3./gem.467 in Stavanger (Abt.352), 4./gem.467 in Sandefjord (Abt.171) and 5./gem.467 in Skjervik (Abt.203)

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