Flak-Brigade XIII


Formed 1.6.42 in Rovaniemi, to protect the following areas: Rovaniemi, Alakurtti, Nautsi, Kirkenes and Litza. In Summer 1943 became Stab/13. Flak-Brigade.

Organisation 1.11.43:

Organisation 1.3.44:

Moved to Salmijärvi in 7.44. Withdrawn to Norway in 8.44.

Organisation 1.12.44:

Disbanded* 27.1.45 (its units were transferred to Germany or to the 14. Flak-Brigade).

Subordinated to Luftflotte 5, from 11.43 Kommandierende General der Deutschen Luftwaffe in Finnland, and from 12.44 Kommandierende General der Deutschen Luftwaffe in Norwegen.

* there is no mention of any disbandment in the Feldpostübersicht, and the brigade is mentioned 1.45 at the Rhein (Luftgau XIV) and on 21.3.45 in Berlin N28.

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